How To: Perform the "split bottom mount" yo-yo trick

Perform the "split bottom mount" yo-yo trick

Everybody had a yo-yo at one point in their life; some when they were just little children, some when they were bored teenagers, some when they found the kid inside of them they never knew of, and even some when they felt retirement was just not very fun. It just goes to show that the yo-yo is not going anywhere anytime soon. Who could ever believe that a toy consisting of two equal disks made of plastic, maybe even wood or metal, with an axle and string could be so damn pleasing, so much darn fun? Anyways, there a million tricks you can perform with this hobby, but do you know them all?

This video tutorial will teach you how to perform the "split bottom mount" yo-yo trick. There's not much to the "split bottom mount" yoyo trick, so don't fret, practice makes perfect.

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