How To: Do Mark Montgomery's chopsticks yo-yo trick

Do Mark Montgomery's chopsticks yo-yo trick

Mark Montgomery is an award-winning yo-yo artist and a former member of Team Buzz-On and Team Omega. In this video, you will get step-by-step instructions for how to do an impressive chopsticks trick that Montgomery introduced in 2006, then you'll learn "The Wave", a new trick inspired by Montgomery. These tricks aren't for beginners, so pay attention!

1. To do Montgomery's trick, form a trapeze at the base of your finger, then swing the yo-yo over the base of your thumb. Continuing around your middle finger, swing the yo-yo back around your thumb but this time land it on the string farthest from you.

2. To do the Wave, insert the index finger of your throwhand on the opposite side of the yo-yo and underpass. Now insert the middle finger of your freehand into the gap. Swings the yo-yo outside your freehand, and catch the yo-yo between your open fingers.

3. Repeat.

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