How To: Yo-Yo like a pro

Yo-Yo like a pro

Yo-yo's are not just for kids anymore. Check out this funky tutorial and learn how to yo-yo like a pro. You can do way more than just pull your yo-yo up and down, with a little practice you will soon be performing tricks and spinning your yo-yo all over the place!
You Will Need:
* A yo-yo
* A hand

Step 1: Adjust the string length
Unravel the yo-yo, so it rests on the floor. The string should reach your belly button. If it's too long, cut it where it meets the bottom of your chest when the yo-yo is resting on the floor.

Step 2: Tie a loop
Tie a loop at the end of the string, so that the string is the proper length.

Step 3: Wind the yo-yo
Hold the yo-yo with your left hand, your index finger over the slot in the yo-yo. Wind the string one time around both the yo-yo and your finger. Then remove your finger and wind the rest of the string around the yo-yo.

Step 4: Loop your finger
Place the loop on your middle finger, between your first and second knuckles.
Use your dominant hand to yo-yo, which will give you more control.

Step 5: Hold the yo-yo
Hold the yo-yo in your hand, palm up, so that the string goes from your finger over the top to the yo-yo.

Step 6: Throw the yo-yo
Throw the yo-yo forward and downward, opening with your hand open wide and facing your palm outward.

Step 7: Turn your hand and tug the string
Turn your hand over so that your palm is facing the floor and sharply tug the string the second the sting is fully extended.

Step 8: Catch the yo-yo
Catch the yo-yo in the palm of your hand, turn it over and repeat. You are now successfully yo-yoing. Keep practicing!

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