How To: Modify a Duncan Reflex Auto-Return yo-yo

Modify a Duncan Reflex Auto-Return yo-yo

Your brand new Duncan Reflex Auto-Return yo-yo may be great, but it could always be greater. That's why you mod it.

This Duncan brand yo-yo actually is the first of its kind. It's the first automatic return yoyo. When you throw it and it starts to sleep, a clutch kicks in and wakes it back up, back into your palm. As soon as the yoyo slows down, it comes right back up, like magic. It's a great yoyo for beginners, but what if you're not a beginner?

Learn how to mod this yo-yo to change it from a beginner yo-yo to a more advanced yo-yo. If you're not good at putting things back together, you probably shouldn't be taking it apart— unless you watch this video.

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