How To: Silicon recess a Duncan brand yo-yo

Silicon recess a Duncan brand yo-yo

If you want to mod your new Duncan yo-yo, don't fret, help is here. See how to silicon recess your Duncan brand yo-yo.

Step 1: Take apart and pop out the caps
Step 2: Get the axle, 2 shims, and a nut
Step 3: Setup the yoyo for your drill
Step 4: Setup your drill— if you have no vise, try holding it
Step 5: Get a sharpened jewelers screwdriver
Step 6: Chuck the yoyo tightly in the drill
Step 7: Lightly make a groove on the yoyo about 1.5mm from the tearing seat
Step 8: Continue the groove until it is about 3mm deep
Step 9: Silicon the yoyo— use a rounded object to recess the silicon
Step 10: Allow to dry as per silicon instructions the rub off the excess
Step 11: ENJOY your modded yoyo

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