News: Yo Mama Ain't Got Nothin' on Jensen Kimmitt (AKA The Yo-Yo God)

Yo Mama Ain't Got Nothin' on Jensen Kimmitt (AKA The Yo-Yo God)

If Yo-Yos were the key to world domination, Jensen Kimmitt would be King. Kimmitt is Yo-Yo God. He literally killed at every competition this year.

Yo Mama Ain't Got Nothin' on Jensen Kimmitt (AKA The Yo-Yo God)Via YoYo Skills:

"In the 2010 season (Which starts after WYYC in August), Jensen competed in 7 contests all over the world. From giant invitation only contests like 44 Clash competition in Japan, to the smaller California State Yo-Yo Championship in Sacramento, Jensen competed in 7 championship level contests and took every single one of them."

Check out his latest first place steal, winner of Category 1A of the World Yo-Yo Championship, below.

(1A: The player uses a long sleeping yo-yo to perform string tricks which usually require the manipulation of the string.)

Click through the gallery to view more of Jensen's 2010 wins.

(1) World Yo-Yo Championship (Orlando, Florida). August 2010, (2) Canadian National “Return-Top” Contest (Calgary, Alberta). July 2010, (3) Bay Area Classic 2010 (San Francisco, California). May 2010, (4) California State Yo-Yo Championship (Sacramento, California). March 2010, (5) Pacific North West Regional Championship (Seattle, Washington). February 2010

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1 Comment

You're right, what ever he's doing there, it's definitely god level.
My computer crashed and blue screened while I watched this video, undeniable proof he has skill on a god level.

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